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What’s it gonna be ?

“Do I look fat in this?” is the most ridiculous girl-question ever. I don’t see why it matters and always laugh at it. But haven’t you ever wondered if you’re good enough? If another guy is better at something – work, sports, being liked by people – we always beat ourselves up. Why do these feelings arise – and how do you know if you’re good enough? Where Does The Self-Doubt Come From? Good Enough: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Practitioner of Martial arts break boards & bricks to test their strength. The usual advice is to “punch through the board.”  While punching at…

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Insider trading !

“GREED IS GOOD”- Gordon Gekko.  Insider Trading never got so much media attention in India though its widely practiced in India. Rajat Gupta – a journey from orphanage to the board room of the most powerful company to the jail . He was the poster boy of American dream for every Indian . I first learned about him after he founded ISB , Hyderabad .  I started admiring the american judiciary system , they don’t let you off the hook if you are guilty unlike our indian judiciary system where rich and powerful stay free. Insider trading is widely practiced on dalal street…

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Why this aa ante amalapuram ?

After using this picture , i am sure my blog viewership will increase . This blog is Not about Old SONG v/s New SONG as i believe every generation as its own taste of music & i am biased towards classic music specially 80’s music – (OLD IS GOLD ) Those who are unaware of the song – aa ante amalapuram , it’s very hit song of south indian film which is recently remade into hindi . I got to listen to this song because of my room mate , Rohan who is humming the song since morning . Inherently even i…

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