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This one is For You !

Her name was called and she started speaking , I was paying full attention. She was giving her P10 which was a romantic speech. I was mesmerized by the way she gave her eloquent speech , her body language , her articulation and her voice modulation. I instantly told myself – I will join toastmasters. I want to speak like her. In the break, I thought to congratulate her and wanted to tell her how much I was impressed by her speech but I hesitated and left without talking to her.

A month passed away and I received a mail from Project Manager that I have to relocate to another cubicle. I raised a request for the asset transfer and I shifted to a new building and a new cubicle.

As I was settling into my new cubicle , I saw her walking towards my cubicle. “Destiny plays its own game”. We shared the same cubicle.

“Opportunity doesn’t strike twice.”
I instantly said “Hi” , she replied “Hi” . I mentioned about her Toastmasters speech and told her I am also a Toastmasters. On hearing about toastmasters , we instantly became acquiastance. Then the topic drifted to MBA & bingo ! Instantly acquistance turned into friendship.

We talked endlessly , within few minutes I understood , I found what I was looking for – a great friendship and this was start of it.

Soon we started studying together and started hanging out.

She is cool and the best part about her – she doesn’t judge any and I don’t have to impress her so I can be just me in front of her. May be that’s the beauty of any friendship.

She persuaded me to join Art of Living yes+ course as i was going through a rough phrase and I can proudly say this course transformed me , brought back the ambition and the vigor in me.

“God can’t be everywhere so he sends his angel to help us”.

May be your the god send angel for me .

Good things happen to good people.


PrAts !

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  1. stuttee stuttee

    Thank you so much prats:)this is so wonderful….i hope this friendship remains forever…honestly i feel the judgement, no expectations, no rona dhona..yet helpful,caring n cool….honestly i have to confess..there is something i wanted to tell u 2..i was waiting for my xams to get over..yes i have given gmat only once n have scored 620….i was kinda ashamed to admit..i dnt knw y..maybe..the toastmaster pressure or whateva…but i knew i can be honest n truthful to you..u wont give it a second thought!!!u’ll just accept…i have had a very bad week..i didnt tell u…this saturday i have my great lakes interview.i was fucking busy writing essay n everythin..i am completely exhausted..i haven’t prepared nything for my interview,nothing for gd…n i open my fb and find this msg…slowly i read and a huge smile comes to my face n suddenly i have this feeling..everything is going to be all interview, my snap results,,,,thanks buddy..u seriously made my day,week…evrything..i had almost lost it..but suddenly i feel..the ball is still in my court!!! thanks a ton prats..u rock!!u’re right
    Good things happen to good people;)

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