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Blog #170: The Art of Juggling & Worrying

During my childhood, I couldn’t sit still. I had a habit of juggling balls. While trying to juggle 3 balls at the same time, the 3rd ball slipped from my hand and hit my mom’s favorite flask.

Disssssssssshhhhh, the flask broke into multiple pieces.

O’shit, I broke my mom’s favorite flask. I’m dead now! Suddenly, I began panicking. I started picking up broken pieces and threw them into the dustbin. All the broken pieces were gone but the flask was still broken.

I ran to my nana’s room, hugged him tightly and told him about the flask. I was really worried about “what will happen?”

He told me to sit next to him and said

‘In life, if you’re ever worried about something. Just ask yourself whether 5 years from now, will it matter? If yes, then try to fix it. If not, then why to worry? ‘

Fast forward to 15 years later, I’m still juggling but the ball is replaced by multiple excel sheets.

Few months back, I made a mistake and was worried about my manager’s anger. I was really stressed about it.

Then suddenly, I remembered my Nana’s advice (although my grandparents are in heaven, but they are present in my life in the form of beautiful memories).

In that moment of chaos, it hit me – ‘what’s the worst going to happen?’

Actually, nothing. Life goes on! 5 years from now, it won’t matter.

So, I did what I did 15 years earlier.

I took a deep breath and confronted my mistake.

I got chided both the time but 5 years later, it didn’t matter.

Stop worrying, instead start living.

P.S 1 – It’s easy to say ‘don’t worry’ but worrying is natural. Worry is good at times, bad at times. Good worry improves and prepares you for the best to come while bad worry eats you from within.

P.S 2 – My confession: I still worry a lot, but I’ve become better at dealing it. Also, I would rather do a single task perfectly than try to juggle or multitask.



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  1. anisha anisha

    another good one tiku
    wil start applyn it frm now 👍

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