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Blog 185: Lessons learned in July 2019

Every day, I learn something new and forget the next day.

I have started a habit of noting down random thoughts or anything exciting to share.

Below are lessons and random thoughts:
1.  Drink warm turmeric milk to cure cough.
2.  Consistency goes a long way.
3.  Sleep is bae.
4.  It’s always cold in SFO. Always carry a jacket.
5.  SFO is hilly, wear comfortable shoes.
6.  Drink 1-liter water after waking up – freshwater with lemon and salt for health benefits.
7.  Note down the steps for any new process. It’ll come handy after a few months when you repeat the task at work.
8.  YouTube has one of the best tutorial videos. You can learn anything.
9.  My grandmother used to say “Only when the gold goes under fire it glitters. Only when the coal withstands pressure, it becomes a diamond”.
10.  One day, I spent a half-day without the mobile phone, best time ever. Need to do it more often.
11.  Never have debt more than 2.5 times your total compensation.
12.  The foundational question of rationality: Why do you believe what you believe, what do you think you know and how you know it.
13.  A study by US Naval Academy found that most people listen carefully for about 18 minutes.
14.  Organizational psychologist Adam Grant came up with a three-step process that can help anyone learn faster and retain more: self-quizzing, summarizing and sharing, and associative learning.
15.  When you search Omega watch on google search, you get targeted by the ads on Instagram.
16.  The company “SWATCH” owns my favorite watch brand – Omega and Tissot.
17.  30 companies are responsible for about 90% of the wine sold in America. In which companies (Gallo, Diageo, and Constellation) represent over half of the domestic sales.
18.  Three fourth of the world’s food comes from just 12 plants and 5 animal species.
19.  More than 90% of every container of yogurt, milk and ice cream is made with Milk from one breed of cow, the Holstein Friesian.
20.  66% of the world’s wines come from just 35 wine grapes.
21.  The first vineyard was planted in California by clergy as a table wine for the church known as mission grapes.
22.  The best wine comes from stressed vines – rocky soil, just enough water.
23.  According to HBR, below are the 8 questions to ask someone at network event other than “what do you do”?
•  What excites you right now?
•  What are you looking forward to?
•  What’s the best thing that happened to you this year?
•  Where did you grow up?
•  What do you do for fun?
•  Who is your favorite superhero?
•  Is there a charitable cause you support?
•  What’s the most important thing I should know about you?
Note: This blog is a collection of my random thoughts.

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