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Izzzmile pleazzze :)


“DON’T FORGET TO SMILE” , My kinder garden teacher use to say those words every morning as a kid i never understood the importance of smile as everyone around me used to smile and greet each other with warm smile & affection .

I always have been a “Lucky To GO” kind of guy and smile has always being my best feature :)

The idea of this blog came after today afternoon discussion with my cubicle mate about the following Question :

” Why we hesitate to smile at a stranger ” or “As we grow old Why we lose our most important asset- Smile”.

We discussed a lot about it & let me summarize the salient points of the discussion.

AGE : As we grow old we associate the smile with joke and moments and our smile depends on people , situation and place .

FAKE SMILE : We just smile to make the other person happy specially our superior (i’m referring to poor jokes of My boss).

SERIOUS=RESPONSIBLE : This is a major misconception , we associate the degree of a person smile with his work caliber. If a person jokes , laugh or smiles a lot doesn’t make him inefficient or irresponsible. Sadly this happen and one of my colleague has being a victim of it. Such a shame :(

P.S : FlAsh Those 32 :)

P.S.S : This blog is dedicated to Maaji ,  your smile definitely is Price less , R.I.P.



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