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Random Thought Season 5 !

The ever increasing season of ‘Random Thought series’ is a explicit example of failure of my ability to follow the rules written in the previous seasons.

Anyways, I am just gonna scribbled something to clear my thoughts.

RT 1 : My top priority is to increase my concentration. I am not able to study for more than 1 hour. I need to increase my sitting capacity to long hours.

RT 2 : I need to stop paying attention to gibberish/ random thoughts. In fact, I need to stop day dreaming.
No one has ever become rich by day dreaming. So stop it now.

RT 3 : My project load is less these days. I must take advantage of this situation and start studying in the office.

RT 4 : Need to in cultivate the habit of doing ‘concentration yoga’ before studying.

RT 5 : Need to stop procrastination and need to build the habit of finishing the work during that particular day itself.
‘ Joh bhi target set karo, usse ussi Din khatam karo’.

RT 6 : Think before you speak.

P.S – In the morning, I got a brilliant story base ‘How I taught my mom to use smart phone’. I will write the story soon.

P.S.S – ‘Confidence is just a mind game.’
Be confident and conquer the world’ – C .L. Lewis


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