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The life span of random thought is less than a second and one thought goes away another one comes in and the cycle is repeats itself , sometime i wish i could have super power to control these thoughts but these thought are the beauty of human nature.

Let me recall some of my childhood thought’s :-


During adolescence , i always wish for super power which i could use to change the world :)

(my favorite was spider man for reasons still unknown to me)

As time passed, i grew old and i started realizing every individual has a super power gifted by Almighty, we just need to realize it .

I always feared the Change (until i read WHO MOVED MY CHEESE) , i always thought why some body wanted to change something & my ideology was LET THINGS BE THE SAME WAY AS I LIKE THEM .

NOW , Change is good & unless you won’t change something you won’t achieve greatness.

Experiences turn a boy into Man , 


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