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The story of My Thought


“The life span of a thought may be less than few seconds but its impact remains forever.”

i wish i control my thoughts but the beauty of thoughts is the most incredible trait of human nature , our thoughts makes us special .

During my adolescence , i always wished for super power to change the world.

(Spider Man was my favorite & you don’t need reason for being favorite)

Now , i think every individual has super power gifted by god , we just need to realize it.

i always had a “FEAR OF CHANGE” (until i read WHO MOVED MY CHEESE, a must read). I always always held myself in the closed comfort level of my life and had aversion against change in any form, i used to think “why can’t things be the same way as i like them” . (Juvenile days of my life)

change is inevitable and we should embrace the change and without change , its impossible to achieve greatness in any path of life. “CHANGE IS GOOD”.

Whenever teacher in the school used to asked “Whom you want to be like in the future”

I instantly used to raise my hand and answer with a innocent smile “BILL GATES”.

After all these years,i think a person’s role model should be one who provides you strength in the times of difficulty and you always respect his ideology and his wisdom and its very important to find a ROLE model and i am blessed to find you have a such a wonderful role model – NANA (I will always love you) !

Experience turns a boy into a man .

With every passing experience , wisdom is achieved which leaves impeccable mark on a person character.

Its OK to make mistake but its being foolish to repeat them .

Mr Kalam said “Dream is something that don’t let you sleep”.

Nelson Mandela “Nothing hold dear to me than my dream to be FREE” & He is right :)

 Dream are neither big nor small , whats matter is the passion to achieve the dream.

P.S – There is No end to need but there is always a beginning .

Take your first step !


prAts !

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