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Why this aa ante amalapuram ?


After using this picture , i am sure my blog viewership will increase .

This blog is Not about Old SONG v/s New SONG as i believe every generation as its own taste of music & i am biased towards classic music specially 80’s music – (OLD IS GOLD )

Those who are unaware of the song – aa ante amalapuram , it’s very hit song of south indian film which is recently remade into hindi . I got to listen to this song because of my room mate , Rohan who is humming the song since morning .

Inherently even i started humming this song .

I read the lyrics of this song . My reaction “W.T.F” & Why I was humming the song & what happened to the lyrics? 

It ought to be the catchy beats which makes my feet tap to every munni or sheela category songs.

I remember when old v/s new song topic was debated some one said we should not compare old song with new one as with time , choice changes . I can concur with him that sound quality changes with time but what about the lyrics. Lyrics of the recent upcoming song sucks (Mostly).

AnuMalik  : After listening his song, i got the confidence that i could also be a music director  #sarcasm.

Pritam : Needless to say all his music is inspired or copied . Again my confidence of become music director increased ; CUT-COPY-PASTE #Mockery.

AR Rehman : I will always respect & appreciate his work . #Genius

I am thinking about the classic music – RD burman , Kishor kumar , Asha ji & Lata ji , Jagdish singh’s gazaal. Their still have impact on every person irrespective of the generation, every one can relate to the music and each word of their lyrics have such a strong connection to heart for every situation precisely gham ya kushi , you always have one song to associate your feeling . Indeed powerful lyrics.

P.S – All the latest track fade away with time while old song still continue to rule the heart of millions :)


prAts !



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