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The Chase !

Raj* was buying grocery ,suddenly he glanced towards a girl on the other side of the road. He had seen her several times before and from the moment he saw her for the first time , he liked her. There was something about this girl which attracted him towards her. She lived in the neighboring society so he wished for his flat to be in her society. He cursed his bad luck.

He glanced towards her and said to himself “Enough is enough , I will talk to her right now. I can’t sit around a loser hoping for a miracle . Miracle don’t happen , you have to go and make miracle.”

With high confidence and high hope, he followed her. She stopped at a grocery store to buy sustenance , he thought its a good opportunity to interact, he made a plan that he will ask for her help in selecting something and start a conversation But he stood behind her without uttering a single word and she left the grocery store . Instead of talking to her , he ended up purchasing kitkack.

Raj* cursed himself. He told himself ‘its never too late. You can still talk to her. Remember you have nothing to lose. What’s the worst that can I happen. She won’t talk to you but at least she will get to know you’ . With this thought in his mind , he followed her . He continued following her. She entered a medical store , he also went inside the store . Instead of talking to her , he ended up purchasing violini.:(

Raj* again cursed himself but he didn’t give up. He told himself that whatever happens, I will talk to her as soon as she will enter another shop. She entered a shop.
Raj* looked at the board of the shop and cursed his bad luck .

True story !
*Name of the person has been changed to hide the identity.

To curb the curiosity , the board read “Aroma Women Beauty Parlor ” . Lol :)

Moral of the story : opportunity doesn’t strike twice :) grab it before some one else does !

PrAts !

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  1. surabhi agarwal surabhi agarwal

    HII PRATS.. i loved ur blog..u hv written with so much deep sense of feeling and love..
    grt work….keep it up..

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