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A Girl in a White Sari (Blog #109)

It was Friday the 13th and one of those cold nights in Pune where you find an excuse to wear a jacket.

I started my bike and drove towards my friend’s place.

It was foggy and the wind was blowing with a harsh noise – shummmmmm.

To keep my body warm and enjoy the pleasant weather, I accompanied my friend with a glass of OLD MONK and Kishore Kumar music in the background.

We drank until the wee hours and talked about some serious issues ranging from “Can AAP form a government?” & our favourite topic “what does a woman want?”

When the clock struck 3 o’clock. I decided it’s time to go back home.

I started my bike and drove towards my home.

While driving back, I noticed a blurry image which resembled a girl.

I went near and saw a girl standing near rakshak chawk.

She immediately grabbed my attention as there was something extraordinary about this young lady.

She was wearing a white sari with peculiar thing around her neck. I immediately realized that peculiar thing was an I.T company tag.

“Another IT employee working late night” (I told myself) and drove few meters ahead, but suddenly I stopped my bike.

‘Why is an I.T employee standing on a desolated road on a Saturday night”?

I took a U-turn and drove towards her to hold my curiosity.

‘Excuse me, Can I help you?’ – I asked.
I didn’t get any reply from her.
‘Excuse me’, I again inquired.

I got rid of my helmet and got close to her. Suddenly light fell on her face.

On seeing her face, I trembled and fall back.

Without looking back, I quickly ran towards my bike and rode towards the safest place where every person fears to enter, my very own ‘Infosys Campus’.

Next day, I sat in my cubicle and thought about the girl in a white sari.

The young woman in the white sari had a round face with No eyes, No mouth, No ears, No eyes, No facial expression.

Inspired from ‘A round face’ by Ruskin bond.



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  1. Omar Omar

    thanks for this. i was searching for story name & author since school, class 8th :)

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