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Date archive for: June 2012

Why this aa ante amalapuram ?

After using this picture , i am sure my blog viewership will increase . This blog is Not about Old SONG v/s New SONG as i believe every generation as its own taste of music & i am biased towards classic music specially 80’s music – (OLD IS GOLD ) Those who are unaware of the song – aa ante amalapuram , it’s very hit song of south indian film which is recently remade into hindi . I got to listen to this song because of my room mate , Rohan who is humming the song since morning . Inherently even i…

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The story of My Thought

“The life span of a thought may be less than few seconds but its impact remains forever.” i wish i control my thoughts but the beauty of thoughts is the most incredible trait of human nature , our thoughts makes us special . During my adolescence , i always wished for super power to change the world. (Spider Man was my favorite & you don’t need reason for being favorite) Now , i think every individual has super power gifted by god , we just need to realize it. i always had a “FEAR OF CHANGE” (until i read WHO MOVED…

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Izzzmile pleazzze :)

“DON’T FORGET TO SMILE” , My kinder garden teacher use to say those words every morning as a kid i never understood the importance of smile as everyone around me used to smile and greet each other with warm smile & affection . I always have been a “Lucky To GO” kind of guy and smile has always being my best feature The idea of this blog came after today afternoon discussion with my cubicle mate about the following Question : ” Why we hesitate to smile at a stranger ” or “As we grow old Why we lose our…

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Will Rupee Rise against Dollar ?

66 – my reaction like every other indian was WTF. Let us examine the scenario. Cause :  The rupee has fallen 15% in just four months and the blame is being laid on global economic conditions but weak domestic market is to be blamed. During recession the government went in for consumption oriented fiscal strategy causing rise in the fiscal deficit , fall in domestic saving and sharp increase in imports , hence increasing the current account deficit (CAD) to unmanageable proportion. India has a CAD (shortage of dollars) of $60-70 billion per year. Lack of policy decision was another big factor.…

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The Success Story Of IndiGo Airline

“Running an airline is like having a baby : Fun to conceive , but Hell to deliver “.   Indian Airline Industry is expected to post a total loss of up to Rs 7,700 crore while all the leading airline are under the crisis only IndiGo is still making money . This made me curious and i took the most predictable action – GOOGLE It and read various article and research paper and finally was able to find the answer to my question – how did it managed to make profiit while its competitors are bleeding . Let us look…

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