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what we want ?

My sister says that we have two choices in life – work to earn high salary or work to learn.

I asked her why can’t we have both – where we can earn high salary as well as learn and gain knowledge. She laughed at my silliness and said its not possible and replied you can’t always have everything in the life.

From the moment I hanged up the call , I have been asking question to myself – ‘is finding happiness in work merely a myth’ ?

I read this quote “the greatest challenge lies in finding happiness in work which you dislike”.

I think its absurd and Bullshit statement , why should I be happy in doing something which I don’t like. Isn’t irony very funny ?


This word is at my #1 position in my HATE list.

I am not born to compromise neither I am born to live like a slave.

I AM SPECIAL and I will never let this feeling go away !


PrAts !

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