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Blog #186: It’s OK

6 AM: Alarm rings. I pressed the snooze button. 6.15 AM: Alarm rings. I pressed the snooze button. 6.30 AM: Alarm rings. I pressed the snooze button. After I snooze my alarm clock for the fourth time and struggle to get out of the bed. I look outside my window to the beautiful Manhattan skyline and thought about my childhood in Udaipur.  Suddenly, I thought about my father’s elder brother whom I call “Bade Papa” who wakes up every single morning at 4.30 am from the past 30 years. While wrapped in the blanket, I wonder whether he ever had…

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Blog 185: Lessons learned in July 2019

Every day, I learn something new and forget the next day. I have started a habit of noting down random thoughts or anything exciting to share. Below are lessons and random thoughts: 1.  Drink warm turmeric milk to cure cough. 2.  Consistency goes a long way. 3.  Sleep is bae. 4.  It’s always cold in SFO. Always carry a jacket. 5.  SFO is hilly, wear comfortable shoes. 6.  Drink 1-liter water after waking up – freshwater with lemon and salt for health benefits. 7.  Note down the steps for any new process. It’ll come handy after a few months when you repeat the task at work. 8.  YouTube…

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Blog #177: No Pain, No Gain

 Mid-March in Egypt were the months of subtropical heat waves, shockingly humid afternoons and soulful melodies of the fly. Heat licked at our sunburned faces and coiled around our limbs like a great hot-blooded serpent. The ground smoldered and sent up a disorientating haze. Even the birds were silent, and the grass stood still as if too hot to move. My close friend, Dhananjay and I were sitting in front of the Saladin Citadel of Cairo, waiting for our cab. As usual, we were discussing philosophy, uncertainty and why we were single. Suddenly, a group of jovial Egyptian teenagers approached…

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