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Blog #175: Cuba Libre

“When you’re in Cuba, you feel that you’re in a time capsule – 50’s Chevy, warm greetings, original Club Havana Rum and the famous Cuban cigar. Even when you leave Cuba, it’s architecture and hospitality gives you another reason to come back”. Overview of 4 day itinerary: Day 1 – (Havana): Walk in Old Havana – La Cathedral, La Plaza. Drink Daiquiri at Hemingway’s bar – La Floridita, party at FAC Day 2 – (Havana): Spend half a day at Santa Maria Beach, sunrise at El Malecon, ride in 1950’s convertible chevy, drink original mojito at La Bodega Day 3 – (Vinales Valley): Do a day…

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Blog #170: The Art of Juggling & Worrying

During my childhood, I couldn’t sit still. I had a habit of juggling balls. While trying to juggle 3 balls at the same time, the 3rd ball slipped from my hand and hit my mom’s favorite flask. Disssssssssshhhhh, the flask broke into multiple pieces. O’shit, I broke my mom’s favorite flask. I’m dead now! Suddenly, I began panicking. I started picking up broken pieces and threw them into the dustbin. All the broken pieces were gone but the flask was still broken. I ran to my nana’s room, hugged him tightly and told him about the flask. I was really worried…

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Around the Corner! Blog #166

I have a loved one in this great world that has no end; yet the days go by and the weeks rush on, and before I know it – A year is gone. And I never get to see his face. For life is a swift and terrible race. He knows I like him just as well. As in the days when we went for long summer walks holding hands together. I spend evening listening to his tale. His gentle voice guiding me life values. But I was younger then. And now I am busy, tired men. Tired of playing…

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