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Insider trading !

“GREED IS GOOD”- Gordon Gekko.  Insider Trading never got so much media attention in India though its widely practiced in India. Rajat Gupta – a journey from orphanage to the board room of the most powerful company to the jail . He was the poster boy of American dream for every Indian . I first learned about him after he founded ISB , Hyderabad .  I started admiring the american judiciary system , they don’t let you off the hook if you are guilty unlike our indian judiciary system where rich and powerful stay free. Insider trading is widely practiced on dalal street…

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Why this aa ante amalapuram ?

After using this picture , i am sure my blog viewership will increase . This blog is Not about Old SONG v/s New SONG as i believe every generation as its own taste of music & i am biased towards classic music specially 80’s music – (OLD IS GOLD ) Those who are unaware of the song – aa ante amalapuram , it’s very hit song of south indian film which is recently remade into hindi . I got to listen to this song because of my room mate , Rohan who is humming the song since morning . Inherently even i…

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The story of My Thought

“The life span of a thought may be less than few seconds but its impact remains forever.” i wish i control my thoughts but the beauty of thoughts is the most incredible trait of human nature , our thoughts makes us special . During my adolescence , i always wished for super power to change the world. (Spider Man was my favorite & you don’t need reason for being favorite) Now , i think every individual has super power gifted by god , we just need to realize it. i always had a “FEAR OF CHANGE” (until i read WHO MOVED…

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Izzzmile pleazzze :)

“DON’T FORGET TO SMILE” , My kinder garden teacher use to say those words every morning as a kid i never understood the importance of smile as everyone around me used to smile and greet each other with warm smile & affection . I always have been a “Lucky To GO” kind of guy and smile has always being my best feature The idea of this blog came after today afternoon discussion with my cubicle mate about the following Question : ” Why we hesitate to smile at a stranger ” or “As we grow old Why we lose our…

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